About Harsha Homes

Harsha Homes is one of the leading construction companies in Coimbatore, Pollachi. We started constructing the dream homes of people a decade ago. Our progress is mainly due to the support and encouragement of our thousands of happy & satisfied customers.

Quality of work

In Harsha Homes, the quality of work cannot be questioned. We always prefer high quality of raw materials & labour. As constructing homes is concerned with lives we make sure that quality is at its finest.


Harsha Homes is always proud to have dedicated & devoted team in all levels. This dedication of the team helps us to complete every project within the promised time limit. Harsha will always be grateful for its dedicated team.

People’s Trust

The quality of the work and dedication of the team lead us to get the people’s trust. We always ensure the high satisfaction of the customers. We treat our customers with great respect and serve them with our best.


Harsha Homes is awaiting to achieve yet another milestone of constructing retirement homes for seniors in the peaceful environment of Pollachi.

Placed in Solanur, Near Kovilpalayam, Mahalinga Puram(PO), Coimbatore to Pollachi road, just 10km from the city of Pollachi & 30 km from Coimbatore, Harsha Homes made retirement homes for senior living with more than 160 homes / villas covering the total area of 8 acres.

Serving the elder people is like serving to god. We are so happy to serve the elders and make their life much easier with lot advanced technological & natural amenities in Harsha Homes.

Comparing with Senior Citizens

  • We are involved in this project after lot of research and gathering opinions from the senior citizens.
  • A lot of surveys are taken to know about the expectations & requirements of the seniors.

Comparing with Other Retirement Homes

  • Harsha Homes always keep quality as our first priority in every project. This construction of retirement homes is also not an exception.
  • Harsha retirement homes will be close to heart not only for the customers but also for us.